Humans are humans. Not commodities. 

Humans are humans. Not commodities. 

The Candidate Experience

Talent Savant sets the bar high on transparency

We will only reach out to you for an interview when we have a job that matches your skill set, is in your geography, and for which candidates are actively being sought.

A new, radically pro-human approach

If you have a very "niche" or in-demand skill set, the practice of marketing your resume can turn into a new job for you. However, for many job-seekers needing assistance, contacting a recruiting agency is not your best option. 

We do not engage in deceptive practices and will not interview you for a job that does not exist

Recruiting agencies participate in sham interviews in order to sell human beings as commodities. If you have ever spoken to a recruiter, then had an "interview" the next day, you have participated in this process. The purpose of this sham interview is to make sure you are a sellable commodity (you are presentable, personable, etc).

Once you participate in the sham interview, the recruiting agency will scrub your resume of any contact information and then proceed to "market" your skills to every company who might be interested in hiring someone like you.


This sounds good until you realize three things:


    1. The company must be willing to pay an astronomical fee to the recruiting agency to hire you (industry standard is 20-25% of your first years' salary). 

    2. If a company cannot pay the fee, but likes your skill set, your recruiter is generally not allowed to disclose this to you per their company policies. They have one job: to turn your skill set into a fee. 

    3. If a company is interested in both interviewing you and paying the astronomical fee associated with your hire, the recruiting agency will do everything they can to source and provide the company with other candidates like you or better than you. The recruiting agency does not care if you get the job or if it's someone else. They want the fee and nobody wants to bet on one horse.  

    You are a human, and Talent Savant is proudly Pro-Human

    If you need a job right now: instead of tricking you and selling you as a commodity, we are happy to give you some great job-seeking advice to help you in your search. If you’d like to submit your resume for our company to have on hand if and when we have a job in your geography within your skill sets, we are happy to keep you on file.

    Looking for a life-changing experience? Talent Savant CEO Ingrid Johnson offers elite, personalized career consulting.

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    Our Commitments to Candidates: 

    Humans are not commodities. Humans are humans. At Talent Savant, Our core commitments extend to every candidate we interact with.

    We Commit to: Transparency

    • We commit to telling you what opportunities we have open, with what companies, at what salary, in real time.

    We Commit to: Integrity

    • We commit to putting your needs as a human first, above our own.
    • We commit to never trying to pressure you into a job you are not right for or don’t want.
    • We commit to never reaching out to you unless we have a specific role that might be a good fit.
    • We commit to never, ever, ghosting you.

    We Commit to: Partnership

    • We commit to listening to and understanding your career goals and aspirations and creating a relationship with you built partnership and trust.
    • We commit to presenting you with the opportunities that most closely align with your goals.
    • We commit to guiding you through the interview process, from application to accepted offer.

    We Commit to: Speed

    • If you are the right candidate for the job, we will present you to the hiring manager in no more than 5 business days from your initial interview.