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Executive and Director-Level positions

Talent Savant's skilled recruiting team always finds the right decision-maker for your organization. Recent Executive and Director-level fills include:

VP, Engineering, Upside Commerce

VP, Controller, San Francisco Fire Credit Union

VP, Marketing, ProMeets

All Executive and Director Level roles are filled at our 10% Direct Hire Fee



With close to 0% unemployment, your organization will have to attract talent that is fully-employed elsewhere. Talent Savant specializes in sourcing top technical talent and selling your opportunity. Recent Technical fills include:

Information Technology Specialist (TSSI Clearance), Govt

Senior Electrical Engineer, Laser Technology Corp

Server Programmer. Project Alpha

Unity Programmer, Project Alpha

VFX Artist, Project Alpha

UX/UI Designer, Project Alpha

Animator, Project Alpha

3D Modeler, Project Alpha

Business Development

Finding the right sales team is fundamental to the success of every business. Let us look for the most qualified, enthusiastic representative for your product and service. Recent BD and Sales fills include:

Outside Sales Representative, Amphemol Telect

Director of Sales, Identity Games

Account Manager, The LakeLand Companies

Help Desk Analyst, Bell TechLogix


The healthcare industry is suffering from a shortage of skilled, licensed talent. Our team has the experience and expertise to fill your healthcare roles, from Physical Therapists to Lab Personnel to Physicians and Nurses. Recent Healthcare fills include:

Key-Holder Optician, Warby Parker

Histo Technician, Cellnetix

Labor and Delivery Nurse, Virginia Hospital



Legal recruiting is a niche industry that takes the right amount of knowledge and a robust personal network of talent. Recent Legal fills include:

Litigation Attorney, Backus and Shanker

Paralegal, Backus and Shanker

Litigation Paralegal, Backus and Shanker



Let me start by saying that one of the first things that comes to mind when I think about our dealings with you and Talent Savant, is that you really took the time to learn about our company, our culture, the environment etc….in order to present a very clear and concise picture of the company and position with potential candidates.

I really feel like they have all been well prepared for their interviews.

In addition, it is evident you aren’t just throwing resumes at us to see who sticks. It’s obvious that you have taken the time to thoroughly screen and vet the candidates prior to submitting them for our consideration. This is a very small market with many companies competing for the same types of people, so the time and effort is much appreciated.

The Talent Savant pricing model is considerably different that some of your competitors, however, nothing has been sacrificed as far as quality, attention to detail and service.

Thanks for all you do.

Bell Tech Logix


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