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Math is hard, so we crunched the numbers for you. Here are examples of your organization's savings with Talent Savant for both a 3 and a 6 month contract employee.  

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Flat Fee Contractor Placements

Do you need temporary help? don't get ripped off

You know it and your contractors know it: contract hiring is a rip-off. 

At Talent Savant, we don't believe in over-charging clients or taking hard-earned cash out of our contract and temporary workers' pockets.

We operate with two simple, easy-to-understand Contractor Placement fees:

  • If your contract is less than 90 days long, your flat fee is $5,000
  • If your contract is more than 90 days long, your flat fee is $10,000

We keep our fees low because we do not take on the liability for your contractor, manage their performance day-to-day, or put them on our payroll. 

Our Fees page has all the details you need to find fantastic temporary help. 

We Attract the Best Contract Talent

Contractors are a special breed. They love the opportunity to work on different projects with different companies and enjoy the ever-changing challenge of taking something from start to finish. 

However, contractors in the current system understand that their hard work is not being compensated fairly. 

Agencies keep their mark-ups a secret. And for good reason!

This lack of transparency erodes trust between the contractor and her or his recruiter. And why shouldn't it? The enormous profits the agency rakes in are right off the back of that talented worker. 

This is why the very best contractors are lining up to work with us. 

Talent Savant is the only recruiting agency that pulls back the curtain on fees for contract employees. We also highly encourage the employer to offer additional compensation due to our savings, and we offer contract-to-hire at no additional cost.

So if you love your contractor and she loves you, you can bring her on full-time without the additional agency expense.