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We are Hiring Radically Pro-Human Recruiters & Business Developers

If you would like to become a Talent Partner, fill out the form below or email us your resume: humans@talentsavant.org

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We are radically Pro-Woman: our founder is a  single mom. Talent Partners work remotely on a schedule that works for them.

We are radically Pro-Family: work-life balance is something we hold sacred. 

We are radically Pro-Veteran: Talent Savant is committed to hiring, training and promoting America's Heroes. 



We are committed to radically change the way that humans work.

Our Core Commitments extend to each and every one of our Talent Partners.


We Commit to: Transparency

  • We commit to laying out easy-to-follow guidelines and expectations.

  • We commit to a simple, generous, compensation plan that is available online at any time, for anyone to view.

We Commit to: Integrity

  • We commit to honor your work-life balance.

  • We commit to enable you to create a flexible work schedule that is radically pro-family and pro-human.

  • We commit to an open, honest dialogue and a relationship built through recognition and encouragement as well as constructive feedback, for both you and the company.

We Commit to: Partnership

  • We commit to providing effective and powerful marketing of our services.

  • We commit to providing ongoing education, training and support.

  • We commit to providing the tools and resources you need to succeed.

  • We commit to your success, growth and satisfaction.

We Commit to: Speed

  • Your work will be pin-point targeted for each role you are assigned to find the best candidates in the shortest period of time.

  • Your roles are assigned to you and only you. You are not competing with other recruiters or doubling efforts. 

  • Every minute you spend working puts money into your pocket.

  • We will pay you in a timely manner for all work completed. No waiting 90 days for the money you earn

Generous, easy-to-understand compensation

No tables, no 75 page documents with small print, no calculator needed. Our compensation model is generous and simple. 

How we compensate

Unlike other recruiting agencies, we don't think you should wait 90 plus days to get a paycheck for your work.

Direct Hire, Full-Desk Recruiter

Upon receipt of the $1000 Good Faith Deposit and successful Candidate Presentation, as a full-desk recruiter you are paid $500 the pay period following your successful candidate presentation.

30 days after your hire starts her or his job, you are paid an additional 50% of the total fee charged to the client. An example is below:

Successful Candidate Presentation for a 70k role:

$500 Good Faith Deposit (disbursed the next pay period after the presentation)

an additional $3,500 in placement commissions (paid after the 30-day guarantee period).

Total compensation: $4,000

Successful Candidate Presentation for a 100k role:

$500 Good Faith Deposit (disbursed the next pay period after the presentation)

an additional $5,000 in placement commission (paid after the 30-day guarantee period).

If you prefer to work in a business developer role only or a recruiter role only, the comp is split down the middle with your counterpart

Contract and Temporary Work

Talent Savant charges flat fees for our contract and temporary work placements. Instead of managing the day-to-day life of our contractors, we commit to being talent matchmakers, and pass the savings on to the people doing the work..

As a contract placement recruiter, you will make 55% of the flat fee:

If the contract is less than 90 days, you will make 55% of $5,000, or $2750.

If the contract is more than 90 days, you will make 55% of $10,000, or $5,500