Easy to Understand Fee Structure:

With Talent Savant, you will ALWAYS know what you are paying and why.

We have a one-time implementation fee that covers your initial setup and consultation. After that, you decide how much you want to pay and how long you’ll be using our services!



Implementation Fee


Deposit (Applied Towards Last Invoice)


CRM, Job Board Search and Posting, Research and Social Media, Background Check, Drug Testing, etc.


Total Implementation Fees Due



Monthly Fee Structure:


Month to Month                     3 Month Term                    6 Month Term                            1 Year Term

     $2,000/hire                      $15,000 Per Sourcer        $12,000 Per Sourcer                   $10,000 Per Sourcer

No Term Agreement     Early Term Fee: $1,500     Early Term Fee: $2,500               Early Term Fee: $5,000



Here Is Our “Fine Print”:  Unlike our competition, we want you to read this!


The monthly fee is due at the beginning of every month with net 45 terms. Each Sourcer (“Talent Partner”) may fill up to 10 roles per month (per cost center. For example CDC operators are one cost center; software engineers are another). Should your needs exceed 10 hires per month, another full-time Sourcer will be added to your account at the agreed upon fee schedule above.  All roles must be non-exempt or up to $40,000 exempt. Should you require an exempt position exceeding $40,000 annually, the following additional fee applies per hire:


$41,000 - $80,000                           $2,500

$80,000 to $120,000                      $5,000

$120,000+                                         5% Annual Salary


All hires have a Replacement Guarantee of 90 days. If you pay within net 30, your Replacement Guarantee is extended to 120 days!



So How Does That Save Me Money?


Glad you asked! Here’s a great example of how this fee structure could work for your company.


Let’s say estimated # of hires over the next 6 months is 60 additional employees with a projection for the year of 120 additional employees.


If your CPH is close to the national average of $4k per hire, then you will spend $240,000 in just 6 months to hire those 60 individuals! Now compare that to our cost savings below.


Month-to-Month Option                              6 Month Option                                     1 Year Option


60 Hires @ $2,000/hire = $120,000     $12K x 6 months = $72,000                  $10K x 12 months = $120,000


At the 1-year term option, your cost per hire would be $1,000/hire for the first six months ($10k x 6 months = $60k). Should you hire the entire 120 people over the course of the entire year, that would be reduced to $500/hire!


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