Fees + Services

Easy to Understand Fee Structure:

With Talent Savant, you will always know what you are paying and to whom the money is going with our simple and fair fees.

Direct Hire

10% fees based on your new employee's first years' salary. Any position, in any geography in the United States. Qualified candidates within 5 business days. Want to learn more? Fill out the Hire a Human form and a Talent Partner will reach out to you within one business day. 

 True Partner Program..

True Partner Program..

True Partner Program

Growing quickly? We have your back. 

Talent Savant is the only staffing firm that offers this truly innovative program.

$15,000 per month for a minumum of 3 months

5% additional fees for any hire over a $450,000 salary cap.

Example breakdown of fees

Contract and Contract to Hire

Talent Savant doesn't rip you off if you need a contractor, nor do we charge you if you decide to hire the contractor we source for you. 

Contract Fees:

Less than 90 day contract: $5,000 one time fee

More than 90 day contract: $10,000 one time fee

Conversion to Full Time: No Fee. 

Our fee involves sourcing the best contractor for your position, We do not employ the contractor as a Talent Savant employee nor manage his or her daily performance. We do offer robust guarantees for your contractors, including: a 15 day money back guarantee, a 30 day free replacement guarantee, and a "duration of the contract" replacement fee of only $1,000.